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How can I help?

It’s important for all of us to know where we are in our life’s journey. Knowing where we are plus getting guidance to make an appropriate choice, helps us to navigate better throughout our life. this in return helps us to save time, effort, energy, heart ache and money. This provided guidance will help you choose a better job or a career, life partner and in general a better life style based on your personality type, your strength and your life purpose.
I call the first session the mapping session. In the first session you may share with me the most predominant challenge that has negatively impacted your health, relationship, finance and your life in general. This helps me to identify the deep rooted issue. I then provide you with practical tools and key solutions to gently put your life back in order. This may require one or more sessions to reach the favourable results. But even after your first session you will Have an in-depth understanding of your current life circumstances plus you will have a good idea about where you need to start making changes. If Needs be I will help you step by step to move in the right direction.
Further- more if you feel the need, then we can set up a healing session. That’s to focus on clearing the energy pollution, to balance any chakra imbalances, to cleanse Auric field from the past traumas and heal your energy body.
If you are curious about the metaphysical world and would like to enroll in any of offered courses on my web page such as Spiritual development, Energy healing or Meditation, then you can set up a session with me to investigate the way forward. During the session I can help you to choose an appropriate course aligned with your ability, potential and life purpose.

To reach me you can go to my web page choosing a preferred sessions available based on your need. You can also text me on my business WhatsApp number +27-713692103. You will then receive a welcome message with relative information about the length of the session, methods of communication, the fee and the available times for your booking. You can then go ahead and make a booking, choosing one of the available times offered. I don’t work on reservations base. To confirm your booking and to avoid any disappointments, payments must be done immediately after booking is made. That’s either via PayPal or by direct bank transfer then the proof of payment needs to be sent back to me. Rescheduling the booking must be done at least 72 hours prior to your booking time.
When it’s time for your reading you can simply call me using agreed choice of communication such as WhatsApp video call, Skype video call or Zoom meeting.


Comprehensive Reading:

Includes short numerlogy, psychic and tarot reading. An overview of your life and answer to your questions.

Crossing over:

Crossing over to the other side and communication with your deceased loved one and receiving guidance or closure.

Guidance counseling:

Helps you understand the challenges you are facing in your life and possible ways for managing stress and solving those issues.

Energy healing:

Enhances your energy body thus facilitates better cell to cell communication resulting in faster recovery from a physical illness, injury or a surgery operation.

Energy Cleansing:

Clears your auric field from accumulated negative energies received by the past experiences or emotional traumas.

Private classes:

Psychic development course

Energy healing course

Classes are designed to meet individuals potential and ability to develop their psychic power or healing ability.

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